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River to River Relay 2010

04.19.10 | 01:44 PM CDT

The logistics are tough, the course even harder, but when you bring eight good friends together for a day of running across the southern part of the state, you have one heck of a good time.

This is my second year of being manager for a River to River relay team called The Buffalo Warriors.  This marks my fifth year running the race with a goal of running the remainder of the individual legs.  I have just 3 years left so I’m pretty close.

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Road Trippin’

05.25.09 | 10:07 PM CDT

There are just some times in your life when a road trip seems like the right medicine.  For me, the loss of my job and a general feeling of being down in the dumps were my symptoms.  Drastic measures were needed to cure me.

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