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Dad’s First Marathon

09.30.11 | 03:17 PM CDT

It was time.  Time to step up to the big leagues now.  My Dad had run a couple of half marathons and several other middle distance races, but not the big one.  It was time to make a crack at the marathon.

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River to River Relay 2010

04.19.10 | 01:44 PM CDT

The logistics are tough, the course even harder, but when you bring eight good friends together for a day of running across the southern part of the state, you have one heck of a good time.

This is my second year of being manager for a River to River relay team called The Buffalo Warriors.  This marks my fifth year running the race with a goal of running the remainder of the individual legs.  I have just 3 years left so I’m pretty close.

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Road Trippin’

05.25.09 | 10:07 PM CDT

There are just some times in your life when a road trip seems like the right medicine.  For me, the loss of my job and a general feeling of being down in the dumps were my symptoms.  Drastic measures were needed to cure me.

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Arkansas Traveller 100 Miler Race Report

11.10.08 | 12:47 PM CST

This is an entry from the archives I was excited to find.  It always brings some great memories and gets me motivated to train for my next epic race.  Original article posted on October 4, 2005.

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Lamenting the Summer

09.24.08 | 07:28 PM CDT

The cool nights over the past couple of days have quickly reminded me that times are changing. As much as I don’t enjoy thinking about it, colder days are coming. But rather instead of thinking of the impending winter weather, I often think back on what this summer has brought me, and what I regret not accomplishing.

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05.22.08 | 05:49 PM CDT

Do you ever look forward to escaping from the day by not using technology? Do you think that this is even possible? Now I’m not talking about living sans electricity or without a hot shower, but some of your daily leisure tasks.

How many times do we work all day on the computer, only to get home to surf, watch TV from our DVR’s, or meet up with some friends online to play some Xbox? As someone who works in IT, escaping from technology just isn’t plausible. However, limiting it in some of my leisure tasks can be reduced.

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