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An Event Apart Chicago 2008 - Day 2

10.14.08 | 11:06 AM CDT

I was really impressed with the new speakers that I didn’t have the chance to hear from last year, including Rob Weychert, Cameron Moll, and Jeff Veen.  This day was even more focused on design and theory, rather than actual code.  I will admit, I am always a fan of some hardcore coding demonstrations, but I do need to learn more about the design concepts and theory.  This session didn’t disappoint.

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An Event Apart Chicago 2008 - Day 1

10.13.08 | 11:13 PM CDT

The first day of An Event Apart Chicago is in the books.  Think Jeffery Zeldman, Eric Meyer, and Dan Cederholm.  As I headed home from the first day, making the tough choice to bypass the opening night party, I thought of what the conference meant to me at this point.  More specifically, what I learned differently from last year.

Allow me to recap some of the more interesting points the speakers presented.

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